Amanda Louise Interiors

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Helping my clients create a beautiful home in which to live beautiful lives is my passion.

Home should be the place you love more than any other place. Feeling surrounded by the things you love and things that make you happy is the best way to have a home that you love and want to spend time in. Whether surrounding yourself with things that remind you of special trips and family members, or creating spaces in which you can spend time with those you love, is what home is about. 

I have a love for mixing old with new, creating spaces that feel authentic and timeless. I have an intense love of color, fabric, and pattern and find inspiration wherever I go. 

Lasting design is the goal. With rooms that feel collected and curated over time, my clients’ personalities can come to life. Client collaboration is key for this outcome. Getting to know my clients and learning how they live their lives is how I accomplish authentic spaces

Making things beautiful is my job, and I think it is the highest honor is having people ask me to come in to their lives and help make them not only more beautiful, but more functional as well.

I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.
— Elsie DeWolfe

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